The headline news
on October 4

"This conversation was filled with vulgarity, and that's why I addressed some of you in this way. It is impossible to talk such nonsense and outright lies on such an important topic.

The demand for an agreement was demanded by the protesters themselves. Those who now speak against this agreement speak out against the protesters' demands. We had to submit the plans by this deadline so that we could negotiate with the European Commission," Denkov said.

"The other lie is that I was told that we had to do everything the Commission says. That's what people in this Chamber who want us to leave the European Union and are pursuing their political interests are saying. European regulations are laws and that is why we implement them. These people want us to leave the EU, but unfortunately for them, a huge part of Bulgarian society is pro-European and their dreams will not come true. These people do not work for the interests of the people and of Bulgaria", concluded the Prime Minister.

During the entire speech of the Prime Minister, the MPs from "Vazrazhdane" did not stop knocking on their banks and chanting "resignation".

Denkov to the opposition: Dishonorable MPs, you lie and speak vulgarity


"Revival" and "There is such a people" have signed up.

"Vazrazhdane" collects signatures for a vote of no confidence in the government


"We will support the government at this time." This was said by Desislava Atanasova, chairman of the parliamentary group of GERB-UDF, on the occasion of the possible vote of no confidence.

GERB categorical: We will support the government


The blockade of the Trakia highway remains, the protesting miners decided. It becomes indefinite. There is also a blockade of Hainboaz. BDZ officials are also considering joining the blockade.

Protesting miners: The blockade of Trakiya Motorway becomes indefinite


"We have significant amounts of lignite and brown coal of low quality, high sulfur, ash content up to 45% and high humidity.

This makes the applied rather outdated technologies highly polluting.

Large amounts of sulfur and nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, the main cause of climate change, various other organic and inorganic compounds, dust and especially dangerous and disease-causing fine particulate matter, mass and hazardous waste are released into the air.

When mining, huge areas of arable land are destroyed, which for the most part, after the coal is seized, resembles a lunar landscape.

According to various data, about 30 thousand. ha were destroyed and only less than a third were reclaimed. Enterprises are extremely polluting and harmful, both for workers and for the population.

The incidence, especially in the areas of these enterprises, of respiratory, cardiac etc. specific diseases are significantly above the national average.

Evdokia Maneva before novini.bg: What coal is being dug in Bulgaria and are they safe


"The idea for this project is from 2012. There is an investment cost project from 2018: one procedure that has been terminated. Previous governments have begun to walk two paths."

Tagarev on American Strikers: We Are Committed to Paying in Dollars


"Special fighters of the Bratstvo and Stukhni units landed on the territory of the Crimean peninsula. They inflicted a fire defeat on the Moscow occupiers and waved the national flag of the Republic of Ukraine," the Defense Ministry's Main Intelligence Directorate in Kiev said.

Ukrainian Special Forces Landing in Crimea


Zelensky: We will do everything to win, the counter-offensive continues


The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded them the prize for the discovery and development of quantum dots, nanoparticles that are so small that size determines properties. These smallest components of nanotechnology scatter light from TVs and LED lamps and guide surgeons when removing tumors. These are just some of their applications.

There are three winners of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.


A 31-year-old Bulgarian woman was murdered on September 21 in Newark, Delaware.

An assailant broke into a two-story house with a gun, shot at her, and wounded her boyfriend, who managed to call 911 with his last force.

Several teams of the special services responded to the signal – units of "Special Weapons and Tactics" (S.W.A.T.), psychologists, specialists in explosive disposal and the Crisis Management Department. Authorities are forbidding residents in the area from leaving their homes and redirecting the movement of cars.

Man Shoots Bulgarian Woman in Newark and Commits Suicide