Despite the shortage of water in the country's hydroelectric dams, the government has raised fears among Tanzanians, saying various strategies are being made to tackle the energy production crisis.

Deputy Prime Minister and Energy Minister Dr Doto Biteko said the shortfall was being addressed through other sources including increasing the amount of gas for electricity generation and maintenance of damaged plants.

"You will see the electricity crisis is beginning to diminish and in less than six months we will have reduced or eliminated the electricity problem in the country," Dr Biteko said during a visit to the Mtera dam to see the reality of electricity generation.

He said a strategy has been put in place to ensure that the water available in all hydroelectric dams in the country is used with great care as rain is expected to fall over the next two months and fill the dams.

"We have come to see the situation and take precautions that are within our control and those that may happen tomorrow to put in place immediate plans that will help alleviate the power crisis in the country," he said.

He urged the public to protect water sources while urging environmental departments to join forces and come up with additional strategies to save the sources.

"Otherwise these investments and the turbines we buy will be meaningless if we continue to destroy water sources," he said.

He also called on Tanzania Electricity Corporation (TANESCO) to build a mechanism for regular repairs to its plants to avoid the deterioration that results in power generation.

Dr Biteko stressed that the Energy Ministry's job is to ensure the public has access to electricity and called on Tanesco to focus on repairing its turbines to avoid the problems caused by the damage.