I'm a Plovdivian. My grandparents are from Plovdiv. My parents are from Plovdiv. I have studied and live in Plovdiv. All I can give to Plovdiv is what I have accumulated over the years both as a legacy and as personal qualities with my managerial and political commitments.

This is what Ivaylo Staribratov, candidate for mayor of Plovdiv from "Continuing Change - Democratic Bulgaria", said in the show "Face to Face" on BTV. "Maybe I'm not popular on social media because I'm not that active there, but most of the people know me well," he said, referring to criticism that he was not a recognizable person. "I'm not worried about whether I'm recognizable or not. I've had a lot of causes. I am a man of action, not of words," Staribatov said.

He also commented on the case with the Plovdiv Fair. Staribratov stressed that there should be a national decision and state participation in the management of the fair. He expressed hope that the fair will not be demolished and blocks will not be built, but will remain. "I hope we will stop with this overbuilding of Plovdiv," said the mayoral candidate.

The candidate-mayor of PP-DB in Plovdiv asked not to close the Concrete Bridge before the completion of the breakthrough under the station

He commented that the buses in Plovdiv saved by not running air conditioners. "In Plovdiv, temperatures are too high to have no air conditioners," he said. "The most important infrastructure projects are those that have been started. Plovdiv is cloaked. If we do not make serious steps for unclogging, it will get worse," Staribatov warned.

"Plovdiv is not depopulated. On the contrary. Plovdiv has overcrowding with many of the surrounding villages and settlements, including Haskovo, Kardzhali, Smolyan. We see it in the movement of cars in the city. People find work in Plovdiv, they are better paid than in other cities, "said the candidate for mayor.

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