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A large amount of counterfeit detergents and cleaning products and medications were detained at Kapitan Andreevo BCP.

Two separate inspections in September found a total of 33,024 kg of washing powder, 8217,14 litres of liquid cleaner and 670,<> medicines.

On September 26, a truck with foreign registration arrived at the customs post on its way from Turkey through Bulgaria to Kosovo. The driver, a Kosovo citizen, presents to the customs officers regular documents for the transported goods - detergents and cleaning products. During a thorough customs inspection in the cargo hold, however, it was found that the goods correspond to the declared by documents, but have the logo of famous brands. 12 pallets with packages of 2 and 3 kg were found - a total of 9984 kg of washing powder and 16 pallets with a total of 8217.6 liters of liquid detergent for washing dishes. On the front right side of the semi-trailer next to the front wall were hidden boxes of undeclared medicines. 14,670 drugs were found, including injectable solutions, ampoules and tablets for various purposes. The driver has been issued an act under the Customs Act.

Customs officers found and detained smuggled goods with logos of protected brands in a railway composition in Svilengrad

On September 6, a truck with foreign registration was inspected on the way from Turkey to Bulgaria. According to the presented documents, the transported goods are detergents. During the customs inspection, however, 27 pallets with packages of 10 kg were found - a total of 23,040 kg of washing powder. All packages have the logos of two famous trademarks, with inscriptions in Turkish.

Detergents and detergents were detained, and the cases were notified to the trademark holders, who confirmed that the goods were fake.

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