Twelve Moroccan refugees were captured in the Pavlikeni village of Dascot and taken to the police station. The men spent the night in abandoned houses in the village for several days before being caught.

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In recent days, residents of the village of Duscott have spotted unknown men at night in their gardens. Diana Kancheva suddenly stumbles upon two of them in her vineyard.

"I heard the dog barking, I heard the neighbors, there was some noise, I went out to check what was happening and there were two men in the yard. When they saw me, they turned off the light, as if with phones or lanterns. At first I thought they were some people from the village walking around the empty houses," Diana Kancheva told Bulgaria ON AIR.

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Near the property of the young woman there is an uninhabited house. This morning she was confronted by a stranger again.

"And this morning around 9 o'clock an unknown man passed through one yard for the village, it was very stressful. After I had to travel to Pavlikeni, I was very surprised because I saw several police patrols traveling to the village of Duscott and then I found out from residents of the village that these were emigrants of Moroccan origin, "added Diana Kancheva.

The outgoing mayor of the village Nikolay Mitev met in the morning a group of 12 unknown men aged between 20 and 30 years.

"Here at the intersection, between 11 and 8 Streets, I meet a group of dark men, young in age, I stopped by to talk to them. My inquiries in Bulgarian were unable to answer. I notified the Pavlikeni police station and started talking to them. First I found out that they were thirsty, they pretended to be Moroccans traveling to Serbia. One patrol came, they put them on the ground to sit down. At least two nights they were here, the house has no windows, but it was under a roof, nearby at this intersection, "said the mayor of the village of Duscott Nikolay Mitev.

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