On Wednesday, October 4, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky held a meeting with the head of Ukrainian intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov.

Zelensky announced this on his Telegram channel.

According to the head of state, in addition to the meeting with Budanov, there were others.

"We have managed to talk about good things for Ukraine – something important in security issues. Details will come later," he stressed.

Also, according to the president, the conference conference included a report by the head of the Security Service of Ukraine on countering collaborators.

"And in general, there is something to thank our guys from the Security Service for today. Important operations, and most importantly, effective ones. Well done," Zelensky praised today's meetings.

A meeting with government officials was also held.

"We have various government programs for restoration, to help regions and people who have lost their homes. There is work to rebuild the social sphere and physical protection of energy facilities. I instructed to prepare a detailed report on such issues," Zelensky stressed.

He summed up that Ukraine needs more air defense systems before winter.

"And now, by the way, we expect certain decisions from our partners. But all the work in the regions, which concerns the physical protection of critical facilities and urgent reconstruction, should be carried out as much as possible before winter," Zelensky said.

Recall that on October 3, Volodymyr Zelensky arrived on a visit to the Kharkiv region on the front line. The next day, he held meetings with the military and local authorities.

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