In a terrible accident near Venice, five Ukrainians were killed and three were injured.

This was announced by the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oleh Nikolenko in a comment to the Ukrainian media.

According to him, the diplomatic department is currently establishing contact with the relatives of the injured and dead.

"The Ukrainian embassy in Rome and the consulate general in Milan are already dealing with the accident that occurred at night on the A4 highway near Venice. According to available information, a tourist bus with 40 passengers fell off the overpass and fell from a height of about 30 meters," Nikolenko said.

Ukrainian consuls are cooperating with Italian law enforcement officers to establish all the circumstances of the fatal accident.

What caused the accident is still unknown.

In addition to citizens of Ukraine, citizens of France, Germany and Croatia were on board the bus.

Recall that late in the evening on October 3, it became known that a bus with tourists, including Ukrainians, fell from the bridge near Venice. As a result of the accident, there are dead and injured. The survivors of the crash are 18 passengers who were injured and are in various hospitals in Veneto.

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