Renovated two years ago third class road that connects Hisarya with the road Karlovo-Plovdiv and highway "Trakia" is in extremely poor condition. Collapses and cracks on the asphalt of the Chernichevo-Duvanlii route infuriate drivers who use it daily.

In a two-kilometer section of the border between Kaloyanovska and Hissar municipalities irregularities have formed, there are collapses of the road, large joints have formed on the asphalt. They create danger in traffic, and in the rain they will fill with water and will undermine both the upper layer of the asphalt and the base, according to drivers, quoted by Maritsa.

Residents of Hisarya also complain about this state of the road. They alert about the problem in the Road Infrastructure Agency. Dozens of people are also writing about the problem on social networks.

More than 630 signatures have been collected by the residents of Glavinitsa with a request for road repairs in the municipality

Ivan Ladzhev from Hisarya signaled that a repair of a section of the road has been carried out for a week and this repair, according to him, is "outrageous". "Sand is sprinkled, the joints are poured with some liquid and swept with brooms," he writes. Today, October 4, he enters the signal in the Road Infrastructure Agency.

The Chernichevo-Duvanlii road, which is part of the national road network with a length of 8 kilometers, was overhauled in 2020. And the technology included construction with layering 10 cm of crushed stone, then 10 cm of cold milling and additional binders, followed by laying two layers of asphalt – the first is 30 cm, then another layer with a thickness of 10 cm to take over the heavy movement. The route was expanded and guardrails were installed, as well as the corresponding marking. The road is extremely busy, trucks with loads of up to 4 tons pass through it daily, only at least 50 tiras come out of Hisarya daily, loaded with 20 tons of mineral water.

The Chernichevo-Duvanlii road is problematic since its construction, commented elderly people from Chernichevo. When it was built more than half a century ago, the route was piled up in places to level the terrain. Somewhere the embankments were up to 3 meters. These piles continue to fail and whatever repairs are made, such cracks on the asphalt will always exist.

Here is what the contractor company that built the section in question replied: "We are familiar with the problem with the cracks in the section between the villages of Chernichevo and Duvanli. He's not new. Even now, our teams are filling the cracks in the road section. The repair we have done from 17th to 25th km. on Third Class Road 642, was performed according to all quality standards, fully complies with the assignment assigned to us by RIA and was accepted by the contracting authority without remarks. In search of a lasting solution, our teams made several thorough inspections of the problem area and found that there was no technological reason for the cracks. That is why we have turned to RIA to schedule an inspection with specialists in hydrology and geology, as the area is very water-saturated and this could be the reason for cracking of the structural layers."

poor quality repair