According to the National News Agency, on Wednesday evening, the Lebanese Green Party published a statement through which he explained that "the phenomenon of Syrian displacement carries with it dangerous dimensions, as it poses great economic, security and social challenges and threatens the demographic of Lebanon." In parallel with its call on Lebanese youth to adopt flexibility in the face of economic and social challenges.The party called on "Lebanese youth to strongly engage in all available fields of work and take advantage of the available opportunities without any hesitation in order to support our country's economy and stability." Lebanese Hezbollah called for the development of a unified national plan to address the file of displaced Syrians in his country, where Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary-General of the party, stressed the need for the Lebanese to agree on this plan, and pressure the caretaker government, state institutions, the Lebanese army and the Lebanese security services, in order to address the file of the displaced, according to Al-Mayadeen.Nasrallah explained that the first responsible for the Syrian security displacement to Lebanon is America, which is also responsible for the Syrian economic displacement to the country, after imposing a law Caesar on Syria," he said, stressing that hundreds of thousands of Syrians will return to their country if the Caesar Act is lifted and companies start investing in Syria.