There is no doubt that there are countries that have followed the path of growth and progress and have continuously sought to make a qualitative leap in their economies, diversify their sources and increase the volume of domestic production, especially those countries producing oil and gas, such as the Gulf countries, which today have become pioneers in several promising fields. More recently, we have seen Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates join the new BRICS+ economic bloc. What is the future of the global economy of countries that have chosen to be far from the Western bloc and what is the importance of a multipolar world to achieve social justice?A desire and a decision to abandon Western hegemony Sputnik interviewed the former Algerian Minister of Finance and President of the Luc Montagnier Foundation in Geneva, Ali Benwari, and talked to us about the orientation of several countries to a new approach and the formation of new economic blocs away from the West: "The first motive for this bloc and the success of the BRICS is the illogical policy of Western sanctions that led to most countries and also those that have ambitions to join the BRICS, knowing that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are not against the West, America or Europe, but because there is a fear that these sanctions, which were initially applied to Cuba and today to Russia, may also be applied to them one day, if they are not in line with Western policies." Important decisions in the IMF require 85 percent of the votes of members, and America has 17 percent, so there will be no reforms without the consent of the United States of America." Countries such as Saudi Arabia, and the common currency are among other motives to get out of the West's dominance in the economy, and I have touched on the creation of a single currency for accounts and not for payment." OPEC summit in 1975Minister Benwari explained that if it had been allowed to change the oil currency from the US dollar to the international monetary currency, the situation would have changed a lot and became a rising power, and he told Sputnik: "This summit had a great strategic dimension and a high impact for a country like Algeria, and as you can see all the members died in mysterious circumstances, starting with the King of Saudi Arabia three weeks after the summit and President Boumediene with a rare disease, and the Shah of Iran and President Saddam Hussein and later President Muammar Gaddafi, and I link what happened to the basic project in the agenda by changing the oil currency from the dollar to "SDR", which is the Special Drawing Rights of the International Monetary Fund, it is the currency of the International Monetary Fund, which would have been a great power. An alternative solution that may be a promising forceOn his vision for the future of the BRICS member states and the possibility of trading a single currency instead of the US dollar in the coming years, Minister Benwari told Sputnik: Algeria and the new economic blocsOn Algeria's ability to join the BRICS in the coming years and its opportunities to diversify its economies, Minister Benwari told us: He continued: "I am not sorry that Algeria did not join this time in the economic bloc "BRICS", but I am optimistic that in 2024 it will enter the alliance and give strength to it.".A new strong competitor to the Western blocOn the difficulties facing the "BRICS" bloc today, the former Algerian Minister of Finance and president of the "Luc Montagnier" Foundation in Geneva, Ali Benwari told "Sputnik": Minister Benwari concluded his speech on the future of Algerian oil and Algeria's desire to diversify its exports, and told us: He concluded: "Frankly, I do not see a strong link between Algeria's accession to the BRICS and its success in diversifying its exports, because this issue concerns domestic politics and how the national authorities can ensure this diversification, as it is an old but long ambition, and Algeria believes today that if it wants to play an important role in the international balance and have an impact and have soft power, it must come out of the Algeria was one of the countries that took the direction of the former Soviet Socialist Union, so it must move towards a market economy so that it can diversify its economies and this is among the basic things to join the BRICS bloc.