Often there is a situation when there are few white things that need to be washed and you don't want to run a half-empty machine through them. Fortunately, there is one life hack that will help you clean white clothes along with black and colored ones.

It is enough just to put all the light things in a transparent bag and tie it carefully. After that, feel free to put them in the drum along with the rest of your clothes. This trick will help clean white things and not stain them.

Do not forget to set the "Delicate wash" mode and the temperature no higher than 30 degrees. Also, do not put black things that have recently been purchased in the drum along with white clothes (even in a bag). These dye the fabric the most.

How to properly wash white clothes so that they do not turn yellow: other secrets

How to properly wash white clothes so that they do not turn yellow? / Photo: pixabay.com

Wash often, but not intensively

White clothes get dirty more, so it is recommended to wash them more often. However, experts believe that you should not get carried away with detergents. If you use too much conditioner or powder, their residue will not wash out well, leading to yellowing. It is important to carry out an additional rinse each time, which eliminates excess detergents.

Use natural bleaches, not chemicals

Special bleaches are not always beneficial. So for some fabrics, bleach can be too aggressive, and you can overdo it with oxygen, which will only aggravate the stale look. To restore whiteness to white things, use a regular lemon. One cup of lemon juice will return tarnished things to their former white appearance. White vinegar will also cope with this task. To lighten white clothes, add 1/4 cup of vinegar during the last rinse cycle.

Ditch the dryer and plastic basket

Plastic is poorly breathable, which causes yellowing of things. It is better to choose bags made of cotton or linen. If it is possible to dry clothes in the fresh air, be sure to do so. Sunlight is considered a powerful natural bleach.

How to return the white color if you accidentally washed white clothes with colored ones

What to do if you accidentally washed a white garment with black or colored clothes, and now it has turned yellow, tarnished or painted over? Do not rush to throw it away. Try this trick:

Put the item in the washing machine, add 1/2 scoop of baking soda and vinegar, turn on the machine for a while, just so that the solution mixes well. Please note that the water must be hot. Then stop the machine and let things lie down to absorb the solution. After that, be sure to wash with the usual product.