Levski, Botev, Rakovski, Zahari Stoyanov and other Bulgarian saints and khans on canvas around the Monument of the Soviet Army. Who is behind the initiative and what will be the fate of the monument?

On Wednesday morning, the Monument to the Soviet Army woke up with an interesting banner with the faces of national heroes. On the canvas are shown the path of Bulgaria from the founding of the Bulgarian state to the present day, as well as future goals such as our entry into Schengen. The banner wraps the construction scaffolding around the controversial monument. And on social networks, footage appeared showing huge cracks.

According to the writer Alexander Shpatov, the banner was placed to hide the scaffolding.

"I personally can't understand its symbolism. The question here is one of safety. A few years ago, plates fell from the totem. And now there was a large slit at the base of the Soviet warrior's boot. This is a wonderful symbol of the entire condition of this monument. Inside, the statues are filled with concrete and weigh enormously. It is not known at what point such a slit would succumb and there is a real danger that the sculpture itself will fall. It is good to secure the monument," Shpatov told BTV.

The panel "The European Way of Bulgaria" was placed at the Monument of the Soviet Army

He believes that what is written on the banner is difficult to read and whoever has done it has not realized the scale of the monument.

"The topic of MOCHA divides society mainly because of the strong Russian propaganda in Bulgaria. Otherwise, if we think clearly, it is an absolute shame for us as Bulgarians the largest monument in our capital to be a monument to the occupying Red Army. Imagine if there was an Ottoman spahia here, and underneath there was an inscription "On the Ottoman hordes liberators from the grateful Bulgarian people". I hope that this monument will stand as little as possible and that real actions will be taken to dismantle it," Shpatov said.

The Sofia government confirms that the initiative is theirs and the banner is their vision of the European path of Bulgaria. However, it is not clear how long the faces of our national heroes will remain and whether the monument will be dismantled.

Monument to the Soviet Army