Jeans have long been a classic wardrobe item. No fashionista can do without them. After all, they are perfect for any look - casual, business or festive. Denim in fall 2023 is the most popular trend, so you will always look stylish in jeans. What to wear with jeans to look unsurpassed in any situation – read on.

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What to wear with jeans: TOP 5 fashionable looks

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Jeans and an oversized jacket. Straight jeans and a loose-fitting jacket will make your look elegant and stylish. And it can be complemented by classic or sports shoes. You can bet on pumps or loafers. You should also consider the option with sneakers and wedges, which have again burst into trends, so they will perfectly complement your fashionable look.

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Jeans and a cardigan. The fashionable look for fall 2023 offers a variety of cardigans: from classic elongated to bomber jackets. Jeans can be worn with any model. If you want your style to be more elegant and cozy, you can choose an elongated knitted cardigan in monochrome shades.

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Jeans and a knitted sweater. Autumn requires warm and cozy things. Therefore, with pullovers or sweaters, you can safely wear jeans, complementing the look with sneakers, loafers or wedge sneakers. Sweaters should be chosen in monochrome colors, which have been in the classic autumn trends for many years in a row.

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Jeans and a plaid shirt. The fashionable look of 2023 remains popular, so you should pay attention to it for walks or business in the city. The shirt and jeans can be accessorized with a jacket to create a layered fashion outfit. And you can choose sports shoes: sneakers or sneakers of a classic style.

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Jeans and a trench coat. The fashionable look of 2023 this fall was not complete without a classic beige trench coat. Therefore, it will go perfectly with jeans. You can choose any shoes, there are no restrictions: loafers, pumps, sneakers, sneakers or boots.

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