Migrant arrivals to the U.S. increase 3:03

(CNN Spanish) -- Two Mexican migrants were killed and three others injured after a gun attack on a group of people seeking to reach the U.S. border. The incident occurred in the Cerro de Cuchumá in the municipality of Tecate, in Baja California, according to the National Institute of Migration of Mexico (INM) in a statement released Friday.

The institution said it received a report about the assault during the early hours of the day. Officials went to the scene, where they assisted a group of people, including several unharmed. They were the ones who notified the authorities about the deceased who had been left on the hill. All of them, of Mexican origin.

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So far, authorities have not given details about the possible motive for the attack on the group. CNN reached out to the INM but declined to comment.

The incident occurs in a context in which more migrants, from both Mexico and Central and South American countries, seek to enter the United States.

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Mexican authorities said these groups are exposed and vulnerable to criminal organizations operating in the border area.

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