On Friday, Israel's public broadcaster Kan broadcast a photo of Katz standing directly behind the Syrian tourism minister, in a group shot, as part of the United Nations World Tourism Organization conference.But Martini reportedly objected to having a photo taken next to Israel's tourism minister and moved away from him elsewhere, according to The Times of Israel.The publication of the photo coincided with the return of Israeli Tourism Minister Haim Katz from Saudi Arabia, who was the first Israeli minister to lead an official delegation to Saudi Arabia, amid Israel's attempts to normalize with the kingdom under US auspices.Katz said of his visit to Saudi Arabia in a statement on Friday: "We have made a crack in the wall," he said, adding that he met there with leaders "with whom Israel still does not have official relations," without identifying them."Curiosity about Israel and a desire for cooperation have been evident in every conversation, tourism is an economic wealth and a bridge between nations for dialogue and peace." Israel and Syria have fought against each other in 4 wars since the creation of the Jewish state in 1948.For years, Israeli aircraft have been conducting raids on targets in Syria under the pretext of preventing what he describes as the consolidation of the "Iranian position" there, and within the framework of what he calls the "battle between wars."