Cuba's Roxángel Obregón got her fifth victory at the World Junior Chess Championship in Mexico City 2023. Photo: Taken from the Mexican Chess Federation.

The Cuban Roxángel Obregón got her fifth victory in the World Youth Chess Championship of Mexico City 2023, which shares the second position of the women's section with three rounds to go.

Roxangel again showed serenity to face a rival of care as the Irish of Indian origin Trisha Kanyamarala. He handled with precision the white pieces on the board and at the height of the 51st throw of a Sicilian Defense sealed the success that raised his accumulated to 6.5 points out of eight possible.

The winner of the national selective dominated the open lady column and took advantage of the exposed position of the opposing king to specify the outcome that places him in the prize zone.

"It gave me confidence that my opponent consumed too much time, as if he doubted the position he had. That made me think that everything was fine for me," the international teacher from Villa Clara told JIT from the headquarters, happy and at the same time convinced that from now on she will assume more demanding and decisive comparisons.

This Friday he will move the black pieces before the Bulgarian grandmaster Beloslava Krasteva, who exhibits the same accumulated, after agreeing peace with the American Carissa Yip, occupant of the first place with seven stripes.

The eighth round also left satisfaction for the Camagüey Ineymig Hernández, airy against the Mexican Paula Sofía Hernández in 52 moves of a Slavic Defense. She will now face the Swiss Sofiia Hryzlova from the 11th step to which she ascended thanks to her 5.5 units.

In the open segment there were a couple of Cuban triumphs. Kemel Gallo and Roberto Alejandro Ramos tipped the king of their rivals, while Jorge de Jesús Pérez capitulated to the Canadian Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux.

Kemel defeated with black pieces in 45 touches of a Spanish Opening to the German Marius Fromm, while Roberto Alejandro had with white of the Latvian Emils Janis Mierins, after 42 moves of a Reti Opening.

At the conclusion of eight of the 11 scheduled rounds, Kemel owns 5.5 stripes and ranks 25th. Jorge de Jesús and Roberto Alejandro have five, but the tiebreaker puts them in seats 32 and 42, in that order.

The vanguard of the group without distinction of sex is still shared by the French Marc'Andria Maurizzi, the Colombian Santiago Ávila and the Hungarian Gleb Dudin, owners of 6.5 points.

(Taken from Jit)