The search form for Montserrat Juárez issued by the Search Commission of the State of Mexico, known as Cobupem. (Credit: Cobupem)

(CNN Spanish) -- The Attorney General's Office of Mexico City (FGJ-CDMX) is currently investigating as femicide the death of Montserrat Juárez Gómez, a 25-year-old woman who was found dead in a house in the Anáhuac neighborhood, in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor's office of the Mexican capital.

This is a substantial change in the investigation, since, in the first instance, the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City (SSC-CDMX) had indicated that Montserrat – reported missing on July 4, 2022 in Ecatepec, State of Mexico – was found without signs of violence after receiving reports that the young woman was unconscious at the home of the Anáhuac neighborhood.

The first report aroused a wave of criticism and shook both the FGJ and the SSC, since, prior to the report of the Secretariat of Citizen Security, a video circulated on social networks where a policeman and another man are seen lowering the lifeless body of Montserrat down the stairs of the house where she was found.

What happened? Below, we give you the information available so far.

We know this from the investigation into the femicide of Montserrat Juárez

September 24

The SSC-CDMX announces the appearance of a body without signs of violence in a building of the Miguel Hidalgo mayor's office.


The discovery of the victim – whose name was not mentioned by the SSC but which the FGJ confirmed a day later with the identity of Montserrat – occurred on Friday, September 22.

The SSC reported these facts after the publication of a viral video on social networks, in which a police officer of the institution and another man are observed lowering a body from the aforementioned house.

The agency said it went to the house after receiving a report from a 53-year-old man who said his daughter-in-law — the young Montserrat — was unconscious.

"Medical support was requested. Paramedics from the Rescue and Medical Emergencies Squadron (ERUM) who arrived at the site diagnosed a woman, 25 years old, without vital signs by etiology to be determined, without signs of violence, "reported the SSC-CDMX.

September 25

A day later, on Monday, September 25, Ulises Lara, spokesman for the FGJ-CDMX, reported that the Prosecutor's Office had initiated an investigation into possible irregularities committed in the case of Montserrat.

Lara indicated that the death of Montserrat was already investigated under the femicide protocol, because after performing the necropsy of law it was "determined that the cause of death was a multiple trauma", which discredits the version of the SSC, which reported that the body of the young woman was found without signs of violence.

For this reason, the FGJ official added, "we have activated an internal investigation to determine responsibilities."

Lara pointed out that the FJJ was in coordination with the SSC to deepen the investigation, and that several diligences were being carried out in the housing unit where the property in question is located, as well as in the funeral agency where he moved to Montserrat. He also added that an analysis of the videos recorded by private and public video surveillance cameras was being carried out.

September 26

On Tuesday, September 26, the SSC-CDMX put aside its version of a few days before and stuck to that of the FGJ.

At a press conference, Pablo Vázquez, secretary of the SSC, said that since the video was known, an investigation was initiated by the Internal Affairs area of the agency.

Vázquez assured that those involved in the event of September 22 in the home of Miguel Hidalgo, both the personnel of the Police and the ERUM, were called to appear in Internal Affairs. While the investigations are carried out, he said, they were suspended from their positions to determine responsibilities.

"This investigation is being carried out, as the Prosecutor's Office stated yesterday, in full coordination with them, who are also having their own investigation in their areas of Internal Affairs. And in any of the cases, if any illicit behavior is detected, the corresponding authorities will be seen," Vázquez said at the conference.

For his part, Ulises Lara, of the FGJ-CDMX, also reported on Tuesday, September 26, that the Prosecutor's Office requested and obtained arrest warrants "for the possible commission of the crime of femicide" against César 'N' (the 53-year-old man mentioned by the SSC on September 22) and Sean Ángel Alejandro 'N' (son of César 'N' and boyfriend of Montserrat), both already detained previously.

In his press conference, Pablo Vázquez, of the SSC, confirmed that the arrest of these two men was in charge of the Secretariat of Citizen Security.

Lara added that a search was carried out on the property of the Miguel Hidalgo and, after carrying out investigative tests of different types, the experts "obtained various indications, among them, a luminol test that gave positive blood, which is already analyzed. "

For her part, the head of the FGJ-CDMX, Ernestina Godoy, denied that the agency hid a possible femicide in the case of Montserrat: "we are in an internal investigation to know if a public servant of this Prosecutor's Office incurred in any irregularity and, if so, will be punished," she said.

September 27

On Wednesday, the Prosecutor's Office reported that the arrest warrants against César 'N' and Sean Ángel Alejandro 'N' – obtained a day earlier – had already been fulfilled inside the North Men's Preventive Prison, located in Mexico City.

Likewise, the Prosecutor's Office said that the two men are related in the first degree with Montserrat and that "they possibly had participation in the deprivation of the young woman's life."

In addition, he added that internal investigations to know "if there were negligence, omissions or any other anomaly" on the part of any official were ongoing and that they would soon report important progress in the investigations.

On Tuesday, September 26, the CDMX Prosecutor's Office obtained arrest warrants against Sean Ángel Alejandro 'N' and César 'N' for the crime of femicide. (Credit: FGJ CDMX)

September 28

The most recent information on the case came this Thursday, September 28, when the Prosecutor's Office said that it obtained the link to the process with preventive detention against César "N" and Sean "N", "for their probable participation in the commission of the crime of femicide, in their capacity as co-authors".

The Prosecutor's Office says there is a three-month deadline for the follow-up investigation.

CNN contacted the Mexico City Prosecutor's Office for communication with the suspects' lawyers and is awaiting a response. At the moment it is unknown how they are declared.

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