Daher Lamot, a Syrian and Bulgarian who lives in Bulgaria and works for a large international company. He is a popular analyst, blogger and commentator on social networks.

you all know I'm not very intelligent. Although I tried to drink matcha Latte and eat keto foods in Oborishte.
I wonder, if I were a little more intelligent, where would I go? If I had followed the fashion wave, that of God's chosen ones, with enthusiastic fervor to shout their slogans, to put on two-colored and multicolored flags and with false concern to pretend how I care about some people, and for others (darker, who have the audacity to inhabit more resource-rich lands) - no.

To glue well-learned epithets to people with different opinions, to point fingers and hysterically explain how everything will be fine if we destroy them.

With a face twisted with horror, scream how one demonic side is to blame for everything, and the entire universe be a better place if we take weapons and destroy it, along with everyone who dares to contradict us.

To proclaim dramatic charity campaigns dressed in political clothes, through which to collect money in my personal account, and then with a tortured glance to complain that because I can not afford accounting staff, I can not report in detail.

To cling to fertile NGOs for which with feigned beef care to protect minority communities,

Mostly writing on social networks in a sitting position, by viciously attacking and accusing others of intolerance, of hatred, in order to simulate and reporting activity. I can also get a PhD on the topic, for example on "Why Bulgarian Fairy Tales Violate the Rights of European LGBT Communities". Then introduce me as a doctor or professor, a distinguished TV expert, and speak out on everything from covid to the Niger war and existential messages in the movie "Barbie," to the benefits of the high-protein May beetle dough and the new fashion line of hats.
I will walk like a successful merinjay and will present myself as a successful businessman, a specialist in cryptocurrency fraud, that is, with modern business solutions, a creator of platforms with sophisticated design.

I was going to get involved in green causes for the protection of nature, mostly racketeering ordinary people.

who want to cut down a tree and evict three birds, but do not want to sell the land to Company X, in which they will build a giant environmentally friendly and vegan cement paradise.
I would dress in a shiny suit, take a picture with a professional photographer and put a picture with the right political party, with a heroic slogan, and below - a candidate for adviser. A fighter for your causes. Along with foreign and colored flags, and in the info - how will I fight the mafia and the communists, but I will change my last name, so that they do not start to check what my grandfather was.
And look at me now. A complete asshole. A conspirator receiving 4000,<> troll coins, an agent, an enemy of the intelligentsia.

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Daher Lamott