Peskov said in a press release on Thursday: "It is very important for a country like Canada to learn a lesson after the shame it has caused, and then show its position when it hears such initiatives (rejection of Nazism) from Russia, and that Canada stands in solidarity with these initiatives." Trudeau said, in a speech to the House of Commons on Wednesday: "On behalf of all of us in the House of Commons, I would like to make a frank apology for what happened on Friday, and to President (Vladimir) Zelensky and the Ukrainian delegation for the situation they found themselves in." Honka, 98, to attend a meeting of the Canadian Parliament in honor of Vladimir Zelensky's visit, on the twenty-second of September, where the Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons introduced him as a "warrior" against the Russians, for the independence of Ukraine during World War II.It was later revealed that Honka was a member of the Fourteenth Volunteer Division of the SS units of the German Nazi Party, which was not only fighting the Red Army in Russia, but also notorious for committing atrocities against Jews, Poles, Belarusians and Slovaks.