For two days, the streets of Philadelphia have looked like a battlefield. From Tuesday afternoon until today, hundreds of teenagers took to the streets of the U.S. city to protest a court decision not to charge a police officer who shot a driver during a check.

At one point, however, the protests spilled over into criminal raids, and a number of stores in the city, including Apple's, were stormed by disgruntled people who began exporting some of the goods.

In one of the many videos on social networks, dozens of young people are seen breaking into an Apple store and starting to break into the store, while others are waiting for them outside and recording videos with their phones. One of them even managed to steal 15 iPhones within seconds.

Four people shot dead in Philadelphia

The city's mayor, Jim Kenney, condemned the youth's actions and stressed that such "destructive" behavior would not be tolerated.

Philadelphia Police said 52 people had been arrested so far.

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