The Government launched open recruitment for the EOC Chairmanship. Applicants are required to be a Hong Kong permanent resident, with at least 15 years of relevant experience in public administration, professional services or senior management in the private sector, with a clear vision, integrity, and a strong commitment to promoting equal opportunities and building a compatible, barrier-free and harmonious society.

The current Chairman, Mr Chu Man-kin, took office in April 2019 for a three-year term and the Government announced in April 4 that he would be reappointed as the EOC Chairman for a two-year term.

Looking at the information, the vast majority of the EOC chairman's term of office is between 4-5 years, except that after former judge Wong Jianqiu took office in August 2003, he was accused of dismissing Yu Zhongxian, the director-elect of the Operations Branch appointed by the previous chairman, Hu Hongyu, without sufficient reasons, which attracted widespread criticism, and finally he claimed to resign on November 8 of the same year after he was "forced by the media". Subsequently, the Government appointed the then retired former Deputy Director of Social Welfare, Chu Yeung Po Yu, to succeed him as Chairman for a one-year term.

According to the Government, the Selection Committee will recommend the most suitable candidates to the Chief Executive, chaired by the Chief Secretary for Administration, Chan Kwok-kee, and composed of Legislative Council Member Chan Kin-po, Hong Kong Deputy Chan Fan, Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, Tsang Kwok, and Director of Health, Lo Sai-hung, who will eventually appoint the Chairman. The term of office of the new President of the EOC will begin in April next year.

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