May 24 is a symbol of Bulgaria's priorities. Education is one of the incentives for prosperity of the country. This was said by MP Vladislav Panev on the air of the show "Your Day" on NOVA NEWS.

"When we have talked over the years about the need for constitutional changes, we have been referring to judicial reform. This is the main priority and we will focus on it in the coming months," Panev added.

According to him, the topic of the national holiday should not become confrontational.

"I don't think changing the date is among the top priorities for Bulgaria at the moment. We have a number of problems to solve, key to our prosperity. The date of the national holiday is more of a symbol than a pressing task," Panev added.

The MP also commented on the sending of additional military aid to Ukraine. "There is a clear majority in parliament in favor of Ukraine. Help should be everyday and not impress anyone, as the will of the majority is obvious. This will not be the last aid voted by the National Assembly or the Council of Ministers," Panev said.

He stressed that PP-DB are in favor of reform in the services. "Obviously, we cannot wait for the end of the war for there to be a change. This is a pressing issue, as is the change of staff in regulators," he said.

Assen Vassilev: May 24 is the most appropriate date for a national holiday of Bulgaria

Regarding the tax changes related to a financial incentive, Panev explained that this is an old idea of Assen Vassilev. "This is not about secret denunciations, but about fighting tax evasion," the MP said.

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