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Ass. Dr. Arch. Violeta KomitovaAssoc. Dr. architect Violeta Komitova graduated with a Master's degree in Architecture in 1980 is the candidate of PP "Bulgarian Rise" for mayor of Sofia Municipality and leader of the list of municipal councilors of the party.

The mayoral candidate is a proven personality in Bulgarian political life - Minister of Regional Development and Public Works in the offices of Gen. Stefan Yanev and MP in the 48th National Assembly from PP "Bulgarian rise" Bulgarian rise defines himself as a national conservative political party, but "with proven experience in urban planning, urbanism, investment projects and education.

Stefan Yanev: Our candidates for mayors and municipal councilors are people with competence and integrity

Ass. Dr. Arch. Komitova presented a team of people, united in a balanced list, combining the knowledge and expertise of more experienced politicians with the energy and motivation of young people. In their person, the list has all the necessary experts for the competent management of the municipality, the press center of the party announced.

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