At the same time, the medical staff in the hospital receives half as much as in other medical institutions, with the same or even greater intensity of work. Such orders and the situation with salaries can lead to the destruction of the hospital that serves the frontline Mykolaiv and Kherson regions. The head of the surgical department No. 2 of the Emergency Hospital of Nikolaev Igor Golovin writes about it in his article.

"On July 25, 2023, Order No. 119 was issued in the International Emergency Hospital (it was published to the heads and employees only in September): "Due to the insufficient funding of the enterprise in 2023 and the need to carry out the ratio of the number of staff to the number of services provided, the introduction of the latest methods of treatment, the effective use of equipment for the implementation of priority scopy packages of the National Health Service of Ukraine": to merge surgical departments No. 1 and No. 2 into one united; to create a department for endoscopic examinations and minimally invasive interventions; to connect patients of the gynecological and urological departments into a single center with the transition of the gynecological department to the 4th floor to urology; transfer of departments to other floors", - the head of the surgical department No. 2 of the emergency medical hospital of Nikolaev Igor Golovin cites in his article.

According to the head of the surgical department, such an order from the director of the International Emergency Hospital, Oleksandr Demyanov, shocked the hospital staff.

"By combining two surgical departments into a single one, conditions are provided to reduce the comfort of patientsʼ stay in the wards. There will be no possibility of sanitary preparation of the department for the next hospitalization of new patients (preparation of beds, cleaning of wards and premises). In such conditions, it is not convenient to prepare documentation for patients discharged from the department in a timely manner. Ward day doctors still have separate surgical work (delayed and planned operations). Conditions are created either in the delay of surgical interventions or in the delay in the timely preparation of documentation. The merger of urological and gynecological patients is also not desirable, because these are different pathological processes, different infectious pathogens," Golovin notes.

Golovin also notes that Order 119 contains an order to open an unnecessary endoscopic department. After all, endoscopic examinations are carried out in the specialized departments of the hospital. Golovin emphasizes that the opening of a new unnecessary department is taking place against the background of the fact that the hospital does not have enough money even for the salaries of medical staff. Which, on the other hand, is half as much as in similar medical institutions.

"It is impossible to keep trained nurses working in such conditions and with such a salary. And this is during the war! Soon there will be no need to reduce staff, employees themselves will disperse to those medical institutions where the intensity of work is the same (or maybe less), and wages are higher. We ask you to help preserve our unique hospital, to preserve the urgent surgical service, namely two departments, to preserve and multiply, together with the administration of the city and the region, what we already have, not to give permission to destroy the already existing", - writes the head of the surgical department No. 2 of the Emergency Hospital of Nikolaev Igor Golovin.