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Traffic on the temporary bypass road was started in the destruction of the floods in early September bridge of the third-class road III-9901 Tsarevo - Ahtopol, the press center of the Road Infrastructure Agency announced. On the newly built temporary road – a ford over the Izgrev Gully River, all types of vehicles can pass bidirectionally. With the start of the movement, transit traffic to Ahtopol will no longer pass through Tsarevo.

The bypass road has a length of 180 m, with two traffic lanes with a width of 3.75 m and banquets of 1 m. To ensure traffic safety, about 320 m guardrails have been installed and a temporary orange marking has been laid. In the construction of the temporary facility, which is next to the place where a new bridge is to be built, approximately 19,000 tons of inert material and about 650 tons of asphalt were filled.

The construction of the bridge between Tsarevo and Ahtopol has started

We recall that the floods from heavy rainfall in early September 2023 compromised the bridge at Tsarevo, which is part of the national road network and was built in the 90s of the <>th century. RIA teams took immediate measures to remove the facility and build a temporary one.

The Road Infrastructure Agency appeals to drivers to drive with caution and appropriate speed on the temporary road section.



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