Host of the morning show "Breakfast. Weekend" Valentina Khamaiko frankly admitted that it is now difficult for her to raise children on her own at a time when her husband, businessman Andrei Onistrat, defends the country on the front line.

The presenter said that if she did not have four young children, she would have gone to fight at the front herself, because she has a medical education and her knowledge would be useful.

"If I didn't have children, I would be at the front with my husband. In fact, as a doctor, I am subject to mobilization, because I have both military knowledge and medical education. And now, when there is information that women will be mobilized, I understand that theoretically I can be among them too. But having four minor children delays me. However, we also had a conversation with the children that if it were not for their age, I would be next to my husband. It's logical," Hamayko said in an interview with

Valentyna Khamaiko with her children / Photo: press service of the 1+1 channel

The presenter also shared that it was extremely difficult for her to come to terms with her husband's decision to go to the front. When Andriy's eldest son Ostap went to the front line, the man did not hesitate to also go to defend Ukraine:

"I must admit that for more than a month I could not accept the situation internally. I was very angry with my husband, there were even moments when I didn't want to call him. I was angry that he didn't talk to me about it, because I could have mentally prepared myself for it. He needed to talk to me, but he was probably afraid and perhaps hesitant to make this decision himself, because it was quite difficult for him. That's why it happened. They didn't ask me, he left, and it took me a long time to adapt to the situation and accept it. There were tears, emotional conversations, many difficult questions that the man did not want to answer. This hurts me, because these issues bother me too. I looked for answers to them from other people, close friends, to whom he may have answered," Valentyna said frankly.

Valentyna Khamaiko's husband Andriy Onistrat / Photo: press service of the 1+1 channel

In the end, the presenter switched to the fact that she began to give her husband bright and funny stories, the warmth of home, stories about her son: "I felt the importance of psychologically balancing his emotional state, especially since it was especially difficult after the death of Ostap," the presenter shared.

Valentyna Khamaiko with her husband Andriy Onistrat / Photo: press service of the 1+1 channel

It will be recalled that on June 2, 2023, the eldest son of Valentyna Khamaiko's husband, Andriy Onistrat, Ostap, died in the war. The defender was 21 years old. The guy defended Ukraine at the front in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a year.