The European Commission will represent the interests of Poland, Hungary and Slovakia in the dispute with Ukraine in the World Trade Organization (WTO).

This was reported by the Polish edition of PAP.

"On Tuesday, it was decided that the EU countries will be represented by the European Commission in the dispute in the WTO. The EU delegation includes experts from Poland, Slovakia and Hungary," PAP quoted its source as saying.

The report indicates that Switzerland will soon begin consideration of Ukraine's complaint against Poland, Hungary and Slovakia regarding the ban on the export of Ukrainian grain.

In addition, the publication points out that, according to unnamed European diplomats, the opening of the procedure in the WTO "closes other channels of dialogue for Ukraine" in this case.

Earlier, it was reported that Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told how Ukraine would solve the problems of grain exports with Poland.

In addition, we previously reported that Duda said that "Poland will not impose itself if Ukraine does not want to be friends."

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