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Water supplies in Istanbul's reservoirs fell to 22.99 percent, the lowest level since 2014, Turkish media reported, citing data from the Istanbul Water and Sanitation Administration's website.

The amount of rainfall received in the reservoirs from the beginning of the year to September 27 is less than 400 mm per square meter. Even in previous dry years, this value was higher.

The total reserves in the reservoirs of the metropolis are currently 199 million. cube. m of water at a rate of 868.7 million. cube. Since the beginning of September, reserves have decreased by about 50 million cubic meters. M.

The water problem in the city is also due to the fact that in recent years the authorities have failed to find or create new water sources in the area.

There is a risk that Istanbul residents will soon face the problem of getting dirty water from the taps in their homes because of the falling water level in the tanks and the inability to draw sludge-free and low-pollutant water to treatment plants. More intensive water treatment is also risky because of the need to use more chlorine and other chemicals.


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