He added in an exclusive interview with "Sputnik", on the sidelines of his participation in the Arab Media Forum hosted by Dubai, that these important modern technologies need a process of harmonization with legislation and laws to be in line with them.He pointed to artificial intelligence and its intervention in many fields, and the risks surrounding the use of these technologies, while describing the fears of some of their use as natural.And to the text of the dialogue: Describe to us the experience of your participation in the Arab Media Forum in Dubai?Yes. I am very happy to be present today in this important and vital forum, which discusses important matters related to media in the Arab region, the indicators and influences that surround it, as well as discussing other important matters and their roles in this industry, the most important of which is artificial intelligence, the role of modern technologies, and how they can affect the Arab media. Yes, I had the honor to discuss media and sports matters with Patrice Evra, a former Manchester United player, and one of the influencers on social media, as he has more than 20 million followers within these platforms, and we talked about the importance of using these means obligatorily at the time of the football player's professionalism, and exploiting them positively and moderately in the future, especially since celebrities have a lot of followers and fans on "social media" platforms, and he had a clear message summarized As the CEO of the Dubai Future Foundation. The work of the Dubai Future Foundation can be described in the easiest way, as always mentioned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, where he described it as the Dubai laboratory, which is ready to experiment with new future technologies that can benefit the city, and these technologies need effort and an experimental environment, and these steps need empowerment from leaders in the UAE. Yes, we have received all the support and empowerment from the leadership, while we focus within the institution on many important sectors, most notably smart mobility, artificial intelligence, as well as three-dimensional technologies, and other research and development. All the modern things and technologies mentioned above are very important, but there must be a process of harmonization with legislation and laws, so that they are flexible, commensurate and in line with these technologies, and this is the role of the institution. The fears and concerns of some regarding artificial intelligence are natural and necessary, but there is an urgent need to have a real and effective study of these risks, especially since artificial intelligence learns and develops every second more than before, and it is also necessary to develop an environment that accommodates these changes, but at the same time avoids the risks that may result from their use, which needs legislative harmonization of regulation, not only at the level of the UAE, but globally, because technologies Which is related to digital transactions spread globally with the push of a button, and to have compatible global legislation with them is very important.Interview conducted by: Wael Magdy