Sofia Connect, the operator of Sofia Airport, today announced its collaboration with Leidos (NYSE:LDOS), a leader in science and technology and part of the FORTUNE® 500 to deploy cutting-edge upgrades of its checked baggage systems.

This deployment of innovative systems is designed to comply with the latest European regulations and reflects the airport's commitment to passenger safety and efficient operations.

We are proud to partner with a global industry leader like Leidos. Installing the systems will make travelling through our airport a faster and hassle-free experience for passengers. This is a strategic step to modernize Sofia Airport and operate more efficiently to meet the highest levels of security standards, said Jesus Caballero, CEO of SOF Connect.

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Leidos will install three Explosive Detection Systems (EDS) certified to EU MV:3D Standard 3. Each is equipped to meet the highest level for threat detection with a high degree of accuracy and low alarm levels. The company will also install two new X-ray systems as part of the upgrade. In addition, Leidos is committed to a comprehensive 10-year service contract designed to deliver continuous, first-class performance.

High-performance MV:3D has a fixed X-ray portal and uses multiple detectors to create high-resolution 2D and 3D images. This advanced screening technology is designed to give Sofia Airport the ability to scan up to 1800,<> baggage per hour per system and increase the efficiency of its screening operations.

We are excited to work with Sofia Airport and provide advanced technology for checked baggage. "We expect this cooperation to enable Sofia Airport to meet current and evolving security needs," said Brad Buswell, Senior Vice President and Operations Manager at Leidos.

The installation of the new systems is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2024, before the active summer season.

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