Jeremy Sides has his own YouTube channel in which he takes part in unraveling criminal mysteries of the past. His latest case was from the town of Sparta, Tennessee, USA, where teenagers Erin Foster and Jeremy Bectel disappeared in 2000.

The two were last seen in the car of Foster, whose vehicle was also missing before it was found at the bottom of a river from Sides.

Armed with sonar and the necessary equipment, Sides' camera was able to register the teenagers' Pontiac car nearly 4 meters deep.

When he alerted the authorities, heavy equipment arrived at the scene, which managed to pull the car out of the waters of the river. In the compartment, police also found the remains of the two young men.

The sheriff's office believes the cause of the tragedy 23 years ago was the loss of control of the car, as a result of which it fell into the river.

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