PM Modi visited the Robotics Gallery at Gujarat Science City.

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today visited the Robotics Gallery at the Gujarat Council of Science City and was mesmerised by the robots there. Pm Modi shared pictures of this tour on Instagram, in one of the pictures, a robot is seen serving him tea.

PM Modi captioned his Insta post, "Fascinating robotics gallery in Gujarat Science City. Don't forget to see the picture of the robot serving us tea too!" He was accompanied by Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupender Patel during his visit to the gallery.

In the pictures, Prime Minister Modi was seen observing robots in the gallery. This gallery has been newly added to Science City, which is spread over 11,000 square meters. According to the Science City website, the gallery aims to provide a platform for visitors to explore the ever-growing field of robotics.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a visit to Gujarat to participate in an event to mark two decades of the Vibrant Gujarat Summit.

The summit was initiated by Prime Minister Modi during his tenure as chief minister of Gujarat.

"Vibrant Gujarat Summit is a testimony to Gujarat's unwavering commitment to economic development. "Over the years, summits have brought together key stakeholders from different fields, driving development forward and most importantly, creating opportunities for many youngsters from Gujarat," he said.

During his visit to his home state, Prime Minister Modi will inaugurate several development projects. These include starting Wi-Fi facilities in the village. This will provide internet connectivity to 22,7 villages in 500 districts of Gujarat. The prime minister will also launch projects worth Rs 4,505 crore under the 'Mission School of Excellence', the state government has said.