The famous Ukrainian diva Monroe recently visited the music awards ceremony from Muzvar.

The event lasted more than five hours, and during this time, Monroe, who was sitting in the hall, showed her followers on Instagram the performances of domestic performers and the atmosphere at the concert in general.

And when the singer Anna Trincher Monroe, known for her sense of humor, for some reason decided to troll the Ukrainian star Tina Karol. In the photo blog, the diva posted a short video where she parodied Karol, who allegedly discreetly watched the performance of her colleagues.

However, Tina Karol herself was not seen at the ceremony. Now the star is on a charity tour of the cities of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, followers of Monroe's page appreciated her sense of humor:

Recall that at the same event, the singer MELOVIN also stood out for his act. He came to the ceremony in a pig mask, in an overlay in the form of a smooth body and in a suit that barely fastened on the belly of the "pig". In this way, the artist ridiculed government officials who steal money that people donate and raise to help the Ukrainian army.