Vahidi said in statements to Iranian media, that "the tremors that hit the city of Khorramabad, at dawn on Tuesday, were the result of an earthquake at a low depth." He went on, saying: "According to the information received, the issue of the explosion, which was raised in some media and social networking sites, has no validity," adding: "The subject is currently under investigation and there is no confirmed news so far." According to the news, the "mysterious explosion" occurred near a large missile base of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the Imam Ali base, where a violent explosion occurred, in October of 2010, which led to dozens of victims.Last week, a fire broke out, Thursday night. On Friday, at the Iranian Defense Ministry's warehouse in Tehran, hours before a military parade in the city with the participation of President Ebrahim Raisi.Iranian officials said at the time that "no injuries were reported in the fire," but did not clarify the damage to the place that was used to store the batteries.At the end of last month, Iran's Defense Ministry said it had foiled what it called the country's "largest subversive plot" against the country's missile, aviation and space industries, which it said "Israel was behind it." According to Tehran, "a subversive network run by the Mossad, as part of the conspiracy, tried to plant damaged and explosive components in the production of advanced missiles and thus prevent their use," Israel did not respond to these accusations.In January, a violent explosion occurred at the Defense Ministry's ammunition production center in the central Iranian city of Isfahan. At the time, the Ministry of Defense of the Islamic Republic confirmed that "the cause of this was a drone attack".The channel "Al-Hadath" Saudi Arabia, that "the explosion was caused by an attack carried out by the air force of the United States and another country" did not specify its name.Iran accused Israel of being behind the bombing, and Iranian Foreign Minister, Amir Abdollahian, said: "What happened in Isfahan, is part of the attempts of Iran's enemies to undermine the security of the country."