In Kropyvnytskyi, 9-year-old Maksym Bevz has been waiting at checkpoints for more than a year and raising funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During this time, the guy helped the military to purchase and repair a combat vehicle, gives medicines to soldiers and visits the wounded in hospitals.

This is stated in the story of TSN correspondent Olena Shvorak.

9-year-old Maksym is waiting at the 24 Bulls checkpoint, he stops cars and explains that he is raising money for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The boy has been volunteering near his home for more than a year after school.

In addition to cars, pedestrians are also stopped here and donated to the Ukrainian army. Maksym started volunteering in the summer of 2022.

Young volunteer Maksym Bevz

"I think it's hard for them to be there alone. The war will not end so soon," the student explains.

At first, local children donated to the guy - they gave Maksym their pocket money, and then the schoolchildren began to join in.

"We found out that he was still standing at the checkpoint and Maksym said - do you want to come with me? We're like - come on! And because of this, we have a habit that sometimes we come to Maksym at the checkpoint," says young volunteer Oleksii Gerhel.

The guys donate all the money collected to the military. And in return, they receive souvenirs from the front. They already have a trophy enemy helmet, signed flags, shells and chevrons of sponsored units.

Gifts from the military

Last year, Maksymko helped raise funds for a unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a car. Later, it was repaired after the shelling. And the fighters, in return, gave the kids a ride in a restored car.

Maksym's parents are proud of their son.

"It was difficult at first. Because many criticized the child, many said that there was no need, war, the child should have a childhood, not to immerse him in it. But since we have many people in our family who are fighting, there are friends, a grandfather, his three uncles and he cannot stand aside," says Maksym's mother Olena Bevz.

The boy says that he will volunteer until victory. And in the future, he dreams of becoming a military man.

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