The Hong Kong government launched a series of "Hong Kong Night Extra" offers and activities, but the expected "Night Consumption Vouchers" fell short. Disappointed by this, Mr Tin Beichen, a member of the Legislative Council of the Round Table on Practical Politics, lobbied the developer on his own and revealed to Hong Kong 01 that the developer with "the largest shopping mall in Hong Kong" had accepted his opinion and expected to distribute about $50 of nighttime consumption vouchers and food and beverage vouchers from Friday this week, and the developer is expected to announce the details of the offer by tomorrow at the latest.

LegCo member Tin Beichen revealed to Hong Kong 01 that developers with the largest shopping malls in Hong Kong are expected to distribute about $50 in night consumption vouchers and dining vouchers from Friday this week. (Photo by Yu Junliang)

Starting this month, the Government has launched the "Hong Kong Night Extra" to encourage people to spend at night and revitalise the local economy. Mr Tin Beichen, who has been following the "Hong Kong Night Charm" offer, said that he was disappointed that the Hong Kong Government had not cooperated with shopping malls to launch "Night Consumption Vouchers", so he had been discussing with local shopping mall developers the feasibility of introducing limited quota "Night Consumption Vouchers".

The denomination is about 50 yuan, and each person will take one copy and use it at night

Mr Tian revealed that developers with the largest number of shopping malls in Hong Kong will launch "Night Consumption Coupons" and Food and Beverage Coupons respectively, the former with a denomination similar to his suggested $50, while the latter with a smaller denomination, each person can take one each, that is, use it at night.

As for the total distribution amount and which shopping malls will be distributed, Tian Beichen pointed out that this is a decision of "making it wide and shallow" or "going deeper and narrow", which is left to the developer's discretion, but he reminded that if too many shopping malls are scattered and limited, the public may be dissatisfied, hoping that a shopping mall will distribute at least hundreds to 1,000 consumption coupons, and it is expected that both tourists and residential areas will have shopping malls participating in the preferential activities.

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