28-year-old anti-aircraft gunner Maksym Medvid from the Rivne region lost his legs in Russia's war against Ukraine. After being seriously wounded near Bakhmut, he was in a coma for several weeks, and then he was bedridden for a long time and virtually helpless. Now Maksym wants to strengthen himself in order to get prostheses.

This is stated in the story of TSN correspondent Anna Makhno.

Maksym is undergoing rehabilitation in one of the hospitals, where he is considered one of the most positive patients. Before the war, Maksym was an electrician, in May 2022 he received a summons to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He fought as part of the 63rd brigade, took part in battles in Mykolaiv and Kherson regions. Later, he was transferred to Donetsk region, where the fighter was seriously injured.

"I was on an anti-aircraft gun and we were hit by an ATGM. At first, they couldn't take me away, because they started to cover me with a mortar," says Maksym Medvid.

Maksym Medvid

The soldier notes that several of his comrades received a concussion while pulling him out of the battlefield.

"There was a period when I thought I wouldn't survive. The car had already started to burn, I was lying on it," the soldier recalls.

After being rescued, Maksym was in a coma for 16 days, his condition was assessed as serious. The man says that due to the injury, he lost a lot of weight and felt bad. However, he still decided to fight for his life. He says that he wants to get prostheses so as not to depend on anyone. In a hospital in the Rivne region, he learned to sit again, to overcome obstacles in a wheelchair. Fortify. Now Maxim can lift a barbell weighing 50 kilograms, although before he could not lift 2.

"He is disciplined, he did not miss a single class with us, and this systematic, individual approach to him led to a very positive result in rehabilitation," says Natalia Mazurkevych, an assistant physical therapist at a hospital in the Rivne region.

Hospital psychologist Nadiya Rachun says that Maksym is an example for everyone, because he is fighting for his life.

Maksym Medvid notes that he has a dream - to find love and start a family.

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