The Ukrainian command confirms that Russian Wagner mercenaries, including those who were in Belarus, have returned to Bakhmut.

This was stated in a comment to Hromadske by the head of the press service of the Eastern Group of Forces, Ilya Yevlash.

"We confirm the information about the stay (in Ukraine - ed.) units of former members of the Wagner PMC, in particular, we are talking about servicemen who were previously in Belarus," he said.

Yevlash added that the Wagnerites are renewing contracts with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and going to serve in various structural units of the Russian army.

"They go to different positions: someone as an instructor, someone as an ordinary soldier. That is, they are scattered among different units and take part in battles in eastern Ukraine. Their task is to restore lost positions and continue the offensive," he said.

According to him, we are talking about about 500 soldiers. Therefore, he noted, they will not pose a significant threat, he informed RBC-Ukraine.

Earlier, CNN, citing the Ukrainian military fighting in this direction, wrote that the Wagnerites are fighting in Bakhmut again.

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