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Households in Germany saved significant amounts of energy for consumption last year despite a sharp jump in prices, according to a report by the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW).

Compared to the outside temperature, Germans consumed 5 percent less energy than in 2021 and therefore released so much less harmful emissions into the atmosphere, the institute report said.

In fact, carbon dioxide emissions have even dropped by 15 percent due to the warm winter, but climate targets have not been met.

The survey is based on data provided by the real estate service provider Ista (Ista). It contains information on the energy bills of 150,000 two- and multi-family houses, as well as 1 million apartments across the country.

The report takes into account the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which led to a sharp jump in energy prices. However, by the end of the year, the Germans did not make a special effort to save gas, electricity and oil.

"Households cut their extra costs by simply reducing heating," said study author Merve Küçük of the institute's climate policy department. "Their costs have not increased as much as prices have risen, but only by about 17 per cent."