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An elderly woman from Blagoevgrad died after a scandal with a neighbor who pushed her to the ground during the dispute. Her husband picked her up, tried to calm her down, but minutes later the woman died.

According to initial information, the 84-year-old woman had a heart attack, and the emergency team that responded to the scene only confirmed the death.

Neighbors of the family told bTV that they came to the rescue when they heard her husband's cries. When they went to the yard of the family, however, they realized that the woman had died. According to them, the scandal was a controversial place between the properties of the two families.

Elderly woman dies of frostbite in her home, afraid of high heating bills

Police teams and an emergency team are at the scene and establish all the circumstances surrounding the conflict and the cause of the woman's death. According to unconfirmed information, the man, with whom the family had a conflict, was not found in his home and is being sought.


An elderly woman has died.

Neighbourly dispute