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Police from Rakovski tracked down and detained a driver who deliberately hit a flock of sheep with his car.

The incident, which happened a few days ago near the village of Varben, was reported by the owner of the animals.

The woman told investigators that an unknown man crashed with his Audi at high speed into the herd that was walking along the road, then fled.

Three sheep were killed and several others were injured. During the inspection meters from the scene, the car in question was found, hit by a tree and abandoned.

The identity of the perpetrator - a 52-year-old resident of Rakovski with forensic registrations, one of which for driving under the influence of alcohol over 1.2 per mil, has been revealed.

19-Year-Old Man Hit a Cow in Kardzhali

The man's whereabouts were established and he was arrested after three days of hiding from law enforcement officers. Pre-trial proceedings have been initiated against him for cruelty to vertebrates. In addition, he was issued an act for leaving the caused road accident.

bumped animals

Arrested driver