DEPUTY Prime Minister, Energy Minister and Bukombe State MP Dr Dotto Biteko urged leaders from the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) to focus on managing the party's manifesto and to abandon the politics of hate.

Dr Biteko made the remarks at a rally in Namonge ward in Bukombe district and said leaders should recognize CCM is responsible for governing the country.

"Let's fight the people's problems, our people will come and they will insult us, they will come and say we haven't done anything, let's not bother to show them what we've done, the people see.

"If we wake up in the morning, let's solve people's problems, where there are complaints of people's problems, let's not wait for the district chief to come, local leaders to solve those problems." He said and added:

"Let's not wait for the regional chief to come, let's solve the problems before the regional chief comes, nor should the region wait for the President to come, let's end the people's problems, what Tanzanians need is development."

He said the strong management of the CCM manifesto will enable improvements to road infrastructure and water, education and health services that are the pillars of development in the ordinary community.

"I ask the people of CCM, go even to the person of the CCM if they are in trouble and do not hate them, when you show them good, you will turn their hearts away, the people of Bukombe to overcome evil with good.

"Do not repay evil for evil if you are treated badly, forgive if you are done well thank you, and whoever ignores you forgive but deal with people's problems, we will not be measured by saying we will be measured by results."