Parliament approved the draft decision to provide S-300 air defense systems with no need to Ukraine. This became clear from a statement by Delyan Peevski.

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The decision was taken after a secret vote in parliament.

"Everything is accepted and the topic is finished. BSP left, "Renaissance" spoke, campaigned. There is nothing interesting in this topic, but everyone wants to create policies," Peevski said.

Atanas Zafirov also pointed out that the BSP left the plenary during the closed discussion on additional assistance to Ukraine.

He said it was not clear what "defective missiles" were.

Procedural tricks and bitter dispute in the National Assembly over S-300 missiles, deputies closed their session

We recall that the draft decision was submitted by Boyko Borisov, Kiril Petkov and Hristo Ivanov, as well as by MPs Delyan Peevski, Ivaylo Mirchev and Hristo Gadzhev. Yesterday it was swiftly adopted at an extraordinary meeting of the military committee in parliament.

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