According to the website of the German news and television channel on September 9, after the start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, British officials held secret talks with Kremlin representatives. A spokesman for the British Foreign Office confirmed the news to the British website iNews. Over the past 23 months, the two sides have reportedly held several rounds of talks in different locations, including Vienna and New York.

The senior British diplomat who attended the talks told iNews: "We will never divide Ukraine and we will not reach a peace agreement for anyone." He also said that the talks never discussed conditions for ending the war. Nevertheless, it is essential to maintain contact with Russia. "We have been in constant contact and believe it is important to maintain an open dialogue during the war in Ukraine," the website quoted the official as saying.

A former intelligence officer in the British government and a current security adviser reacted similarly to the talks. He said it was "a good thing" to maintain contact with Moscow, especially in addressing international issues such as grain exports. He told iNews that I would be surprised if these contacts contained anything substantive about ending the war."

The secret contact between Britain and Russia is actually not surprising, because it is no secret that the United States is also providing Ukraine with various military intelligence and arms assistance while engaging with Russia at various levels while proceeding with the Russian-Ukrainian war. Only the UK's secret contacts with Russia are likely to be more nerve-wracking for Ukraine than the US-Russian contacts, as they likely represent a trend that may have reached a technical level of communication between Russia and the West.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the White House on September 9 to meet with US President Joe Biden. (Reuters)

Although the end of the war seems to be far away, Russia and Ukraine still have war potential, the goal of the United States and Britain to completely weaken Russia has not yet been fully achieved, and the artillery fire on the front line is still roaring, this does not prevent them - these Western oligarchs who determine the course of the war first secretly contact the borders and results of the war, thus creating conditions for possible negotiations.

British officials said they were talking to Russia primarily about nuclear security and food, excluding "any substance about the end of the war," and said "Ukraine's future and its position in possible peace talks depends entirely on Ukraine." From Kiev's point of view, such psychological reassurance is very important, and Ukraine certainly hopes that it will take the initiative in its interaction with all parties, and hopes that before the entire territory is recovered, the secret contacts between the United States, Britain and Russia will only talk about nuclear security and food issues that have nothing to do with ending the war.

However, what these great power oligarchs talk about behind closed doors that Ukraine simply cannot master; And how much initiative Ukraine can have in "possible peace negotiations" is not difficult for Ukraine itself to know.

In the history of war, after the war-weariness has arisen, there are many cases in which the big countries that confront each other negotiate secretly behind closed doors, exchange the interests of weak countries as bargaining chips, and finally reach a consensus to end the war. Including China, it has been repeatedly sacrificed in the late Qing and Republican times for more than a hundred years. The Russian-Ukrainian war is also very likely to repeat history, at least not too far from history.

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