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(CNN Spanish) –– At least 20 dead, 34 people arrested, 600 antipersonnel mines neutralized and nine guerrilla camps dismantled is the balance of the military operations that the Colombian Armed Forces maintain in the department of Cauca, the Government of Colombia reported through a statement.

The authorities added that the operations by land, river and air have been directed against the structures "Carlos Patiño, Jaime Martínez and Dagoberto Ramos", which have been accused of committing several crimes "such as those that occurred last week where two vehicles loaded with explosives were activated, mainly affecting the civilian population".

And that more than 200 men of the National Army were sent by order of the General Command of the Military Forces to reinforce offensive operations mainly in the north and south of Cauca, a department located in southwestern Colombia, in an area where the dissidents of the former FARC guerrillas operate, This group has been blamed for recent attacks, according to Colombian Police Director Rene Salamanca.

  • Car bomb explosion outside police headquarters in southwestern Colombia leaves several injured and damaged

The last one occurred on August 13, where Police Subintendent Carmelo José García died after a car bomb attack that, according to Colombian authorities, was against the substation of the corregimiento of Timba, in Buenos Aires, and three days an attack where three policemen died and a fourth was injured on a road in the municipality of Morales, area where FARC dissidents operate.

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