OPINION | How can you form a government in Spain? 4:10

(CNN Spanish) -- As expected, Alberto Núñez Feijóo failed in his first attempt to be sworn in as Prime Minister of Spain. In the first vote held on Wednesday, in which he required an absolute majority of support, he obtained 172 votes in favor, while there were 178 votes against and zero abstentions.

After the vote, the investiture debate was suspended and will resume this Friday at 12:15 local time (6:15 ET). There, Núñez Feijóo will be able to achieve the goal of being invested with a second vote by simple majority.

In case it does not succeed, the Spanish Constitution contemplates the beginning of a countdown of two months before calling new elections. At this time, the King would initiate new rounds of consultations with the representatives designated by the political groups with parliamentary representation to seek a new candidate for the Presidency of the Government.

  • What happens next if Núñez Feijóo does not get the votes to be invested president?

For weeks, the ruling Spanish Socialist Workers' Party has maintained contact with the different forces represented in the lower house to try to shore up the support they would need. Some support that could be reaped if they close an agreement with the Catalan independence formations.

Between Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya and Junts per Catalunya there are 14 deputies in Congress that would be key to keeping Sánchez in the presidency; But that support is conditional, among others, on the Socialists committing to carry out an amnesty law that benefits those pro-independence politicians who have open cases or have been tried in previous years for promoting initiatives related to the self-determination of Catalonia.


In the event that this investiture does not succeed either, Article 99 of the Spanish Constitution contemplates that two months after the first investiture vote – that of Núñez Feijóo – the King dissolves both Chambers and calls new elections with the endorsement of the president of the Congress.

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