An Australian staged his own kidnapping for a night with a prostitute.

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Paul Iera from Wollongong in New South Wales narrowly escaped jail after making up a story about being kidnapped in the hope that his girlfriend wouldn't find out about his infidelity.

In a message to his significant other, sent on New Year's Eve after the 36-year-old told his fiancée he was going to see his "financial colleague," Iera claimed he had been grabbed by "men from the Middle East" and held hostage, demanding more than $7000,<>.

The message read: "[Partner Iera's name] is '[name]', thank you for sending Paul to me, now the payback is damn it. We will keep him with us until the morning, when he gives us his bike, no one will touch him, I give you my word."

But Hiera's plan backfired, as his girlfriend turned to the police for help. The police immediately responded to the incident and carried out a "stop of high-risk vehicles".

The day after the report, around 10:30 a.m., police found Yera in his own van.

Paul Iera / Photo: 9news

The 36-year-old initially told police he had been kidnapped, but the story looked unlikely. A few days later, officials obtained CCTV footage of Iera spending time with a prostitute during a New Year's Eve party.

Police reportedly spent 200 hours investigating the hoax – and now Jeri has been fined a hefty sum. He had to pay more than A$16,000 ($10,200).

Iera appeared in Wollongong Local Court on Tuesday, September 26, where he received a fine and 350 hours of community service. The judge called his behavior "disgusting."

Paul Iera / Photo: 9news

He was also sentenced to an 18-month correctional warrant on other charges related to possession of unauthorized firearms, possession of prohibited weapons without a permit and possession of ammunition without a license, according to a local outlet.

Ieru was fined an additional A$550 ($350) for firearms crimes.

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