A man who decided to live in a car for eight years now has enough money to buy a house right away.

Nicholas Bauer from Arizona told the YouTube channel Big Super Living In Arizona that he made the radical decision when he was in his early 20s. He decided to pay off all his debts and save up some money.

Bauer, now 32, said, "When you don't have rent and bills to pay, that money just piles up." The man boasted that he had saved up so much money that he could buy a house right away and no longer work.

Nicholas started living in cars in 2015 when he worked as an automotive engineer and earned $11.50 an hour. Bauer added that at that time he had huge debts.

A man lived in a car for 8 years / Photo: screenshot from the video

In an effort to find a "solution to the housing crisis," he decided to permanently "live a debt-free lifestyle by living in vehicles." He parked his Dodge Dakota truck, which he had driven since school, in the parking lot of his workplace and attached a camper to it.

His boss allowed the unconventional scheme to be used, as Bauer often had to "work all night long" and used the car for off-road driving.

After a while, the self-proclaimed "desert permanent" switched to his next car, a Unimog 404 series truck.

A man lived in a car for 8 years / Photo: screenshot from the video

There was a bed, hardwood floors, internet access, and even a 40-inch flat-screen TV.

However, there was no toilet and he was forced to urinate in a water bottle. For more serious needs, he went to work. The need to schedule toilet breaks prompted Bauer to make another upgrade. He then switched to what he called a "dragon cart" — a combination of two military trucks with a 1987 Fleetwood Prowler trailer in the rear, equipped with solar panels.

Bauer described the car as a "Frankenstein invention," and it eventually fell apart during a trip to San Francisco.

While he was saving up for the repair of the dragon van, he switched to a Chevrolet pickup truck. A pickup truck parked near the parking lot worked as a camper and had a rollaway bed, heater, and security cameras.

Bauer gave up his car when his girlfriend became pregnant, and they decided to settle into a permanent home.

The family of three now lives in a mobile home on Bauer's two-acre "paid complex," which also has all the cars he used to live in.

A man lived in a car for 8 years / Photo: screenshot from the video

In the footage, Bauer does not say how much the property costs or how much money he has in his bank account. However, he said he had recently lost his job, but added that he didn't care about his family's food, especially because he had been saving for many years and had no debt.

Bauer said, "I have nothing to worry about because there are no rents or mortgages."
The only thing left in his life is his love for cars. Even now, with a more down-to-earth lifestyle, he still dreams of "living in the woods with 50 trucks."

A man lived in a car for 8 years / Photo: screenshot from the video

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