Captain of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhiy Alimov said that some representatives of the TCC exceed their powers during mobilization measures.

Alimov said this in a conversation with journalist Yuri Romanenko.

The soldier criticized some TCC employees who grab and detain men right in the middle of the street. Alimov called it "the 90s, for which they were given ten years." In his opinion, such actions can be regarded as kidnapping, for which there is criminal liability – in accordance with Art. 146 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine "Illegal deprivation of liberty or kidnapping" (imprisonment for a term of 5 to 10 years).

The captain of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reminded that even the police have the right to detain a person for a maximum of 3 hours, and if the detainee's guilt is not proven, then release him. At the same time, some conscripts can be held in the TCC for weeks.

Alimov emphasizes that this situation hits the reputation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Therefore, he advocates the introduction of electronic subpoenas.

Captain of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhiy Alimov / screenshot from Yuri Romanenko's YouTube channel

Mobilization in Kyiv and small towns: what's the difference

"In our country, mobilization is a right or an obligation, whether I want it or not. In Kyiv, I see "I want it or I don't want it". And in small towns, people don't go outside. My classmate's son just didn't go out for three months. I said, "Send him to Kyiv." He came to Kyiv, found a job, works and no one needs him here," Alimov shares his observations.

Military proposal: men over 40 years old should not be sent "to zero"

Sergei Alimov believes that men over 40 years old should not be sent "to zero", especially to the infantry. According to him, such people are physically "not pulling".

"On January 24, our assault group came to us to repel it. All of them are 50 years old. Imagine, the stormtroopers are 50 years old. They approached Verkhni Dachi (near Vuhledar – Ed.). The fence is 1.8 m. And no one could climb over it. They became a "ladder" to climb over. And there were losses. And young people would be able to climb over," the soldier says.

Earlier, the ex-commander of the Aidar company, military expert Yevhen Dykyi, said that another half a million people need to be mobilized to win.

Recall that military expert, reserve colonel Petro Chernyk explained whether a situation could arise when all men are taken into the army.

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