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Lyubomir Lambov, world vice-champion for veterans in classical wrestling, suffered a serious accident before the tournament "Atanas Komshev" in Karnobatlast weekend.

He is currently in the intensive care unit of the University Multiprofile Hospital in Burgas. And he urgently needs a blood transfusion.

His family asked anyone who had the opportunity to donate blood in the blood center of Burgas in the name of Lyubomir Petkov Lambov.

Blood type doesn't matter!

A serious accident between a truck and a car, two people were killed.

Lambov is the 2017 U.S. champion in classic wrestling for veterans. In the same race he won a bronze medal in the freestyle. He became world vice-champion in Athens in 2015 and was a three-time bronze medalist in 2011 from Razibor (Poland), in 2012 from Budapest, Hungary and in 2016 from Sayneoki (Finland).

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